I am actively recruiting graduate students! Seeking exceptional, highly motivated graduate students, with backgrounds in physics, EE, and/or applied math. Details about applying to Yale's Applied Physics program are here.

Principal Investigator

Owen M.

Owen Miller

Assistant Professor of Applied Physics

Energy Sciences Institute

Yale University

Group Members

Haejun Chung
Postdoctoral associate in Applied Physics
Electrical Engineering Ph.D., 2017, Purdue (Advisor: Peter Bermel)

Andrew (Hyungki) Shim
3rd year Graduate Student, Physics

Hanwen Zhang
1st year Graduate Student, Applied Physics

Lucy (Lingling) Fan
Visiting Undergraduate Student,
Nanjing University

Yuqi Zhu
Postgraduate Associate, Applied Physics
  • Yuxiang (Larry) Liu, Postdoc, 2016-17. Now with RBS Bank.


Current and former collaborators include: