Principal Investigator

Owen M. Owen Miller
Assistant Professor of Applied Physics
Energy Sciences Institute
Yale University

Group Members

Zeyu Kuang
Applied Physics

Lang Zhang
6th year Graduate Student
Applied Physics
Internship: Meta Reality Labs (June - Aug. 2022)

Wenjin Xue
6th year Graduate Student
Electric Engineering
Internship: Apple (June - Aug. 2023)

Zhaowei Dai
3rd year Graduate Student
Electrical Engineering

Hao Li
3rd year Graduate Student
Electrical Engineering

Nazar Pyvovar
1st year Graduate Student
Applied Physics

Yiyao Liu
1st year Graduate Student
Electrical Engineering

Johnny Dedyo
2nd year Undergraduate Student

Roshan Pourghasemi
3rd year Undergraduate Student
Applied Physics


Ph.D. Students

  • Andrew (Hyungki) Shim, Physics, 2017-21. Current: Amazon.
    • Thesis: Probing the upper limits to light–matter interactions: from spontaneous emission to superresolution
  • Hanwen Zhang, Applied Physics, 2017-22. Current: Gibbs Asst. Prof., Yale.
    • Thesis: Resonances and fundamental bounds in wave scattering
    • Internship: Facebook Reality Labs (June - Aug. 2021)
  • Zeyu Kuang, Applied Physics, 2019-23. Current: post-doc, Miller group, Yale.
    • Thesis: Fundamental limits of nanophotonic design
    • Internship: Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (June–Aug. 2022)


    • Shai Gertler, Post-doc (w/ Peter Rakich), 2021-22. Current: Vitrealab.
    • Haejun Chung, Post-doc, 2017-20. Current: Asst. Prof. at Hanyang University.
    • Yuxiang (Larry) Liu, Postdoc, 2016-17. Current: Citibank.

    M.S. Students

    • Ruoping (Riley) Li, M.S. Student, 2018-19. Current: Google.

    Undergraduate Students

    • Antonio (Andong) Cao, Physics, 2022. current: co-founder, Flair AI.
    • Simon Stone, Applied Physics, 2020-21. current: MVTec.
    • Malcolm (Jiawei) Tang, Physics, 2018-21.
    • Kazemi Adachi, Applied Physics, 2018.  current: Ph.D. student, UC Boulder.

    Visiting Students / Scholars

    • Qingqing Zhao, Undergraduate from HKU, 2019-20. current: Ph.D. student, Stanford.
    • Yuqi Zhu, Postgraduate student from Caltech, Aug. 2017 - May 2018.
    • Lingling Fan, Undergraduate from Nanjing, July 2017 - Jan 2018. Current: Post-doc, MIT.


    Current and former collaborators include: